Developmental Benefits

Developmental Benefits

Teletubbies is designed to help young children develop their physical, emotional and cognitive skills in a warm, loving, playful environment. It’s about exploring, experimenting, experiencing and enjoyment.


Teletubbies enjoy laughing and giggling just like young children

Finding a voice

Teletubby speech is based on young children’s first words and so it helps children feel more confident about communicating

Getting on with others

Teletubbies love each other very much and share Big Hugs. Young children imitate this behavior and love sharing Big Hugs as an expression of love

Listening and responding

Teletubbies helps children focus on sounds and language, interpret non-verbal signals and imitate. All this helps them learn and respond

Being Active

Watching the Teletubbies gets children moving!

Being Me

Teletubbies encourage children to express themselves through singing, dancing and creative activities

Communicating & Expressing

The play-language performs an important role in helping children develop their speech. Children are encouraged to join in and play games with words. Teletubby language is about learning to communicate with confidence


Young children are fascinated by the way the Teletubbies move and joining in the dancing, songs and games is good for their confidence and well-being


Children are creative through exploration and discovery – just like the Teletubbies

Knowing and Understanding

Teletubbies encourages children to anticipate events through structured signals. Children gain confidence in counting, sorting objects and recognizing patterns


Lowered Trumpet. Raised Trumpet.

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